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Let the team at Rochelle Lynne Design put your fears to rest, and get you excited about the process of turning your home into a haven!
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Custom Cabinetry

A significant investment and yet an important part of any renovation! Equally as important as the selection, is the installation of your product. 

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Bringing together skilled Designers with our trained professionals while working within a budget, Rochelle Lynne Design can transform your home, workplace, or vacation residence into a unique space that will work for you today and for years to come.


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What Makes Us Different

Embarking on the journey of renovating or building your ideal living space is a big step. At Rochelle Lynne Design, we understand that you have high expectations and our dedicated team of professionals can help you realize confidence in a finished space that embodies distinction, function, and the true value that your project requires.

We Listen to You

We understand that you have high expectations

We Keep it Simple

Our in depth knowledge of design & resources save you time

Whose Ideas will be in the Design?

Our approach to design responds to your needs

We Save You Money

We help you prevent costly mistakes

We Pay Attention to the Details

Innovative, unique and highly personalized

Our Guarantee Promise

We focus on superior design & craftsmanship

About Rochelle Lynne Design

At Rochelle Lynne Design, we take the steps necessary to provide seamless design and service from concept through program development to the placing of the last piece of furniture. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Now that you know that you are not alone, you can have full confidence in enlisting Rochelle Lynne Design as your partner in bringing your dream home to life!

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Check back in 2016 for our portfolio. In the meantime, check out our Houzz profile!