Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for Interior Design?

Our fees are dependent upon many factors so we offer a complimentary project assessment to be held at our Cochrane studio where you may introduce your project to us and review your options with one of our designers. RLD fees for full professional design services can range from 5 to 20 percent of project value although this will vary based on every situation. We will discuss ballpark figures at this time. We prefer to give a project price, rather than an open ended hourly charge because we have found that our clients appreciate the foresight on fees before beginning.

Will you come to my home?

Absolutely. We do charge a fee to come to your home, but we also offer a no charge Project Assessment Meeting in our studio so you can get a feel for us before making a financial commitment.

What if I have a tight budget?

We always speak honestly regarding how your proposed budget compares to what you hope to accomplish in your renovation or new build. We can advise on how to best allocate your funds for maximum value and impact. With our vast experience in construction, design & décor, we can discuss ballpark estimates when we first meet. If we feel your numbers are not realistic then we may advise you to hold off on your project until you are financially ready or suggest alternate approaches.

What if I already have a contractor? What if I don’t?

If you already have a contractor then we can work with you on planning alone to provide you with a detailed design package. The resulting design (or project roadmap) is a comprehensive package including construction and specification details that will enable a contractor to proceed leaving no room for interpretation.

Conversely, Rochelle Lynne Design is a design/build firm so we can build your project ourselves! Throughout the design process we have become intimate with your project. Our passion for the integrity of your design drives us to create a space that distinctly represents you! We will take the pressure off of you and choreograph the many parties involved (electricians, plumbers, tile setters, etc) along with product purchasing and inevitable troubleshooting – resulting in the best possible final result.

Why should I spend money on the design of my renovation?

Can you handle the risk of NOT hiring a designer? Most people are not well versed in the nuances of construction details and all the selection choices available. What if in the middle of your project something goes wrong or you regret the choices you made?  Do you have enough money in the bank and time in your schedule to handle a legitimate re-think or do-over? In other aspects of life we have insurance for the big missteps.. and while risks of a renovation are not life-threatening, they do involve an investment of thousands of dollars and possible regrets. Good design is good insurance.

Perhaps you want an outcome that is creative and unique? Many contractors can redo a space with fresh materials but would not be offering custom ideas tailored to suit your family and needs. Having a design in place can insure that you are proceeding in a manner that lives up to your expectations with satisfying return on investment.

Have questions?

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