“My fashion philosophy is, if you’re not covered in dog hair, your life is empty.”
– Elayne Boosler
Meet Boulder, the sweetest “country dog” living in the city. As you can see, he has it all figured a country lifestyle is more about HOW you do it, not WHERE you do it.
This fella is super comfortable, and decidedly stylish, in this inner city townhouse that we transformed into an elegant country farmhouse.
Boulder has done a fine job of demonstrating that country lifestyle is a state of mind, and can be taken with you no matter where home is located.
Design by @rochellelynnedesign

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Sunday’s are the best when you take a little time to appreciate the beauty of the land around you. ...

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Contemplating the unconventional idea of wood fire pizza for breakfast.....who’s with me? ...

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It’s official. Summer is walking to the door and preparing to leave us. The last few weeks, or days, of enjoying the glory of outdoor living are waning. So one last hurrah for roasting marshmallows over crackling fires into the wee hours before we prepare for the eventual dusting of snow that is the standard fare for September here in rural Alberta. ...

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Country mornings in the last days of summer...still warm enough for bare feet on the hardwood, but the chill in the air reminds us that Fall is definitely moving in.
Design: @rochellelynnedesign
Photo: @eymeric.widling

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26 years ago this guy took a HUGE leap of faith as he agreed to join me in my crazy life journey. And oh what a journey it has been! ...

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‘Never do anything by halves if you want to get away with it. Be outrageous. Go the whole hog. Make sure everything you do is so completely crazy it's unbelievable...’
– Roald Dahl, Matilda -
I’m in, all the way!

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Each home has a story, and we are here to help you tell it.
The Bird Suite.

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“It is the job of the designer not to supply the ideas. It is to be patient enough to find the ideas and reveal their magnificence”
- author unknown

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All about the Saturday morning views, thanks to mirrors that have been designed to slide out of the way.
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“If you want to feel rich just count all the things you have that money cannot buy”
- unknown -

Interior Design: @rochellelynnedesign
Architecture: #weigangmarvickarchitects
Photography: @eymeric.widling
Beautiful Views: @alberta.canada

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There is something about this room that makes me feel so calm, so at peace.
Simple, uncluttered, and layered with earthy natural textures...all the right ingredients to create a magical retreat.

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How to be inspired to stay home for the weekend.
Creating a home that is more than mere shelter, that embraces family spirit, that nurtures your an approach that implores thoughtful and purposeful intent for every element chosen to build and furnish the arguably most influential investment of our lives.

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Going into the weekend contemplating all the goodness this land offers.

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Grazing through the long weekend, preparing for Heritage Day tomorrow here in Alberta. ...

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Careful with the details.
Its what separates quality designs from the mediocre.
Concealing modern luxuries like this 6 foot wide refrigerator and freezer combo so they don’t disrupt the authenticity of the design vision.
It is just one of the thousands of details that go into a well planned room.

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“A walk in nature walks the soul back home.”
- Mary Davis

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A fur throw, some mercury glass, and a steer skull. Just a little homage to a Georgia O’Keeffe painting. ...

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There are moments when a daylight filled room draws you in and causes you to pause and notice all the little things. You are captivated by the beauty of craftsmanship and natural, raw materials. As you stand there, time seems to pause indefinitely....and then you realize - you have been holding your breath.
The feeling that fills your inner being transports you to other places and times. And yet, you are here. All at once present and aware...and content.
This is one of those moments.

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“Hey whatever happened to,
Waitin' your turn
Doing it all by hand,
'Cause when everything is handed to you
It's all only worth as much as the time you put in
In all just seems so good the way we had it
Back before everything became, automatic
If you had something to say
You'd write it on a piece of paper
Then you put a stamp on it
And they'd get it three days later
Boys would call the girls
And girls would turn them down
Staying married was the only way to work your problems out”
-Automatic by Miranda Lambert-

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A quiet corner for some weekend reflections needs merely a few key elements: a sink-in-and-stay-awhile comfortable chair, a flat surface to set a glass of water (nah, wine might be more appropriate!), and a window with views of even a little piece of nature - whether it’s a potted plant or a grand mountain skyline. Just like this perfect little corner for feeling the love of here and now, no matter where you put your feet are home. ...

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Natural • Raw • Authentic • Unexpected
These are the words used in the creation of a legacy.
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Been a bit behind in posting lately because we are hustling through a bunch of projects while adjusting to the new way of life out there. But we are happy to say we are rockin it!
And then there’s my own home reno that has us living in our basement with the laundry room serving as our makeshift kitchen 😬....eventually it will get done....
Ah, summer 2020 you will definitely be a memorable one!

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Recognizing today is Calgary Stampede parade day, though not the same parade this year, and had to shout out to @filipemasetti and his #longridehome of 265000km journey across North America on horseback to raise $ and awareness for @hospitaldeamor
He rode through our little historic ranch town yesterday, in the last few km to successfully completing his journey. Destination Calgary Stampede and as honorary parade marshal....we celebrate with you Filipe!

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Textures, layers and light. ...

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The 3-1/2 hour selections meeting aftermath. ...

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A project with this trifecta of materials is underway! Plaster going up on the 10’ high walls today. Oh, the anticipation....

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When an idea hits, sketch it out quick before you lose it!
And yes, it says “sexy steel”, a highly technical term I learned from @mysticforgeironworksinc 😂

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Home is where you hang your hat, keep your treasures, and find peace at the end of the day. .
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Design is a long process. It takes a lot of time (some sleepless nights) and a lot of attention to details. .
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You are not ordinary, neither should your home be. .
Interior Design: @rochellelynnedesign
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