What Makes Us Different

Embarking on the journey of renovating or building your ideal space is a big step.
At Rochelle Lynne Design, we understand that you have high expectations and our dedicated team of professionals can help you realize confidence in a finished space that embodies distinction, function, and the true value that your project requires.

Two heads are better than one… so more than two is even greater:

Every member of our team participates in the evaluation, development & production of your project. The collaboration of multiple perspectives (vs a singular, linear approach) results in productivity that is more effective, which leads to a higher quality outcome.

We don’t overwhelm you by dragging you to every show room in the city.

We keep ourselves well informed on what is going on in the industry locally, nationally, and internationally so that we are aware of products, trend and innovations well beyond what’s displayed in local show rooms. We respect your time by collecting and presenting the ideal combination options to you in our studio.

As a design/builder

Should challenges arise during production we efficiently & creatively problem solve on the fly and in a way that maintains the design direction and your goals, while keeping the project on track.

As a designer:

We merge creativity with reality by applying our technical understanding of the construction process to propose ideas that are realistic & can be executed as intended.

Our video conference application compliments your lifestyle:

We are known to regularly hold interactive video conferences with clients while at home, at the office, or on the other side of the world. If you have wifi, our studio will come to you…  Your location and/or busy schedule are easily accommodated.

We are more than just a pretty space

We aren’t just a studio and showroom, our facility includes a shop and warehouse where we fabricate custom designed masterpieces and store pre-ordered construction materials and furnishings. This allows us to orchestrate and efficiently synchronize the production of your project saving headaches, time and expenses.

You wouldn’t buy Gucci shoes without trying them on first….

Our advanced professional software combines the technical aspect of Autocad with the visual representation and accuracy achieved with Photoshop. With it we can show you actual finishes, materials, and even your personal art collection in 3D as a true to life representation of your new space. During our meetings, 3D changes can be made on the fly so we can test options with you, in real time.

Avoid the financial risk of unleashed creativity:

Designers can easily create numerous beautiful spaces, but without parameters (budget being a significant one) the creative process can take on a life of its own. We successfully optimize the impact of each dollar in your budget by integrating the plethora of design options in tandem with our awareness of the financial impact of products from entry level to extravagant luxury. We don’t want you to suffer the crushing disappointment of falling in love with a design and then realizing that it is beyond your budget.

We compile a qualified target budget before beginning the design process. As the design evolves we can advise on how decisions will affect your budget baseline.

Have Questions?

Contact us and we will answer any questions you may have