Rochelle Lynne Design is the only award winning and internationally recognized interior design firm in Western Canada that has been specializing in artistically themed luxury interiors for more than 20 years 

Does the thought of holiday decorating keep you up at night?

Business Owners:    Does your current holiday decorating approach deflate your company’s brand and business culture?

Homeowners:    Are you prepared to countless stressful hours and energy while decorating instead of making joyful memories during the holiday season?

During the holiday season we offer personalized holiday decorating and styling services for select commercial and residential projects in our region.

How it works:
1. Initial Assessment:
• On-site meeting to assess the space and existing décor items you already have and wish to incorporate
• Discuss the ideal theme and outcome for the magical, memorable and captivating holiday displays
• Consider a proposed budget for purchasing additional items

2. Agreement:
• Sign the contract
• Pay the fee
• Schedule install date

3. Put a checkmark next to “Holiday Decorating” on your TO DO LIST!!

Business Owners:  Impress your staff, customers and visitors as you elevate your brand with an impressive festive display.
Homeowners:    Spend your valuable time with friends and family as you elevate the magic of the season and impress your guests with the breathtaking holiday decor you’ve been dreaming of.


What would it cost you to not do this?

   stress, frustration, aggravation and lost time?

Just imagine… your home or business designed to be as individual as YOU ARE.


There are just a few openings left in the 2019 holiday schedule

Contact us today to apply for one of the remaining openings.


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